# I bought a cheap, ultra thin iPhone X case off of Amazon so that I have something to keep it protected from scratches on day one.

I never used to use phone cases until the 6S Plus - it felt too slick so, due to it's size and heft, I thought I'd better take precautions. It's paid off. After two years, with the exception of a small, almost imperceptible scratch just above the screen, it is in pristine condition.

And that's how I want the X to stay.

I opted for the Plus because of the bigger screen and quickly got used to its dimensions. Still, there's no denying that the top and bottom bezels make it a large device.

I've got quite small hands so the Plus has always been a bit of a stretch but, having gotten used to it, a non-Plus 6 or 7 would always feel tiny.

I hold the iPhone X case and it, too, feels small but it also feels pretty comfortable in the hand - more so than the Plus. And the more I hold it the better it feels until the Plus actually starts to seem too big, over heavy and unbalanced.

We always get used to what we have but I think the X might hit a sweet spot.

# I can't help saying 'X' instead of 10. Sorry Apple.

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# Happy Halloween!

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