# It's weird, pre-ordering the iPhone X doesn't seem real. It was only two days ago but it's as though it didn't happen. I forgot about it yesterday.

In a sense nothing has happened and won't do for a while yet. How long that remains so I don't know but there's a surreal limbo while I wait.

It all sounds a bit melodramatic; I'll probably forget about it completely after a few days; the longer it goes the more distant it will become.

At least I'll get a nice surprise when it's finally ready to collect.

# I've not been feeling very creative the past couple of days and I'm not entirely sure why. So I've actually cracked open a notebook and grabbed a pen to see if the change in approach will help.

Certainly, being tired due to illness is one factor but I think I'm also getting bored with what I consume online and this is having a knock-on effect with what I create.

Or don't!

Discovery is still a massive problem; I find myself removing more feeds from my reader than I add which leaves me less, and with less variety, to go through.

Micro.blog has definitely been a help here as I have found a number of bloggers via this route but, still being in beta with a limited population, it is not inexhaustible.

I'm bored with reading a lot of the same old rubbish from the tech press as it continues its race to the bottom in the pursuit of page views and ad impressions; I definitely need to expand my horizons beyond my usual areas and approaches.

I've been considering doing an online course, or at least making a start, while I'm still signed off. Something to pique my curiosity, keep me interested, and actually make me feel I like I'm not wasting time while being ill.

I think that's part of the problem.

Although my primary focus has to be getting better it is largely just a question of time rather than anything specific on my part. I feel that these past weeks could have been put to better use.

I don't know how much longer I'm going to be off (my next appointment is in a week) but I should really be more productive instead of letting the days pass me by with little to show for them.

And I definitely need to improve my handwriting.

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# Liked: Tyranny of the Network Effect | James Shelley...

”The network effect is like a kind of tyranny all to its own. It makes platforms like Facebook seem like nonnegotiable requirements for living and communicating in the modern world.”

If it wasn’t for family I would have deleted my Facebook account years ago. I wish I could but sometimes it’s the only way to do certain things.

Facebook is like a massive convenience store that does everything worse than artisans but all under the same roof so we opt for ease over excellence until the artisans are driven from the market.

We bemoan the lack of choice but it is our own fault and the cost of re-entry is prohibitive.

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