# I'm still not sure I've done the thought about circles of acquaintanceship proper justice but I'm reminded of a passage from Ben Werdmüller's post that I linked to recently:

"you jot down your thoughts and hit 'publish'. And then you move on. There isn’t an editorial process, and mistakes are an accepted part of the game. It’s raw."

Time and again I've written about getting away from the notion of perfect, away from trying to write articles rather than posts, to capture that rawness.

I still get hung up but think I'm slowly getting better.

Rawness is fragments, mistakes, unfinished thoughts, getting things out of your head and onto the page whether they're ready or not.

I can iterate after.

# Iterate after.

I like that!

I think it's going to be my new motto. (Not that I had one before.)

# One of the more common spam comments I’m getting recently is along the lines of “I see you're not monetising your blog, don’t waste that content.”

I briefly flirted with Google Ads after moving to WordPress but removed them very soon after.

Although I’d love to write for a living, one way or another, that's really not what I want to get out of blogging.

I just don't want to sully it in that way.

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