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# Liked: Workflow Update and Status - MacSparky...

"I got to spend time with some of the Workflow developers and they were actively soliciting ideas and thoughts about the application from me. They weren’t acting like someone who thought their app already had one foot in the grave."

This is good news.

The update this week was full of bug fixes and definitely gave the impression that Workflow is going to be around for a while - at least through the iOS 11 year.

Will Apple build automation into future versions of iOS? Maybe, but if they do I just hope it's a decent implementation so as not to cripple users when Workflow does eventually get retired.

# On the subject of Workflow, I've almost finished my "super flow" but having some issues with the loop repeatedly doing a regex replace on the image "markers" - I hope to get this fixed later.

# If the Workflow team want ideas, here's one:

Add options to the Replace action for "first / all / last" to make it easier for those who aren't overly familiar with regex.

I'm having an issue with the syntax of the regex to only replace the first instance found.

# Physio on the knee went well and the problems were identified: I have swelling and compression of the medial meniscus and the medial collateral ligament. Luckily, there's no evidence of a tear this time.

I have a number of exercises to do for a few weeks before I have to shave my leg and go back to get strapped up with kinesiology tape. Fancy!

# It looks like the way I wanted to approach my "super flow" may not actually be possible because of the way that Workflow supports regex or, rather, the limitations in its support.

It will work for a post with a single image but I'm not sure it's possible to replace one marker at a time on a loop - at least in the way that I've been trying.

Maybe I (and some others) have missed a trick in the regex syntax used by Workflow but what works when tested in places like regex101 does not work in Workflow.