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# Part of the "magic" of the #indieweb is microformats markup (more specifically, microformats2) which helps sites pick out key pieces of information from one another so they can communicate more effectively.

This is added to content by the addition of classes and the h-entry class, for example, denotes an individual post.

Previously I had the h-entry class added to the <entry> pseudo element which tested okay at indiewebifyme.me and everything worked fine.

Last night, for no real reason, I decided to re-run the various indiewebify tests and found that my h-entry details were no longer being picked up.

It seems that the class detection may have altered and that h-entry no longer works on the <entry> element. Moving it to the <article> container made it work again.

The theme, however, already assigns various classes to <article> based on factors like the type of post using the post_class() function, so how to add h-entry without breaking anything?

Fortunately, an additional class can be added using the same function by simply passing it as a parameter, like so: post_class( 'h-entry' )

Problem solved.

# The h-entry issue also appeared to prevent (some) webmentions from being sent correctly but that seems to be working now as well.