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Sonant Thoughts - Episode 26: User Experience

Design isn't just about how something looks but also about how it works. One without the other may lead to a bad user experience.

The recent changes to the blog have forced me to think about design in a more holistic manner.

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Sonant Thoughts

# In reply to: BalancedLight...

As requested, here are the two workflows I use to post likes and replies from my phone.

They both require the 'Likes and Replies' WordPress plugin.

Post A Like

Post A Reply

The 'like' flow accepts a URL so needs to be triggered via 'Run Workflow' in the Safari share sheet.

The 'reply' flow accepts text from so should be run from a note-taking app. Write your reply, share it and you are then prompted for the URL you are replying to.

Thy are both set to post as draft for testing purposes, change this to published for a more streamlined experience.

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