So tired this morning. I drove the four hours home after work yesterday and felt fine at the time. As the evening wore on, however, I was struggling to keep my eyes open and it's the same so far today. A nice quiet Friday please universe.

# I updated the MacBook Pro to the latest Big Sur 11.1 release candidate and had a worrying few moments:

Big Sur update snafu

Fortunately, it was all okay again after a reboot. 😅

# Strange. The second section wasn't added to the database or live RSS feed and I don't know why.

# I've manually added it but not sure why it didn't work in the first place. An issue with the Markdown conversion that stopped it from being processed perhaps? One to watch in future.

# A picture of the Lancashire moors to act as a test:

Lancashire moors

# Just had our (virtual) work Christmas party and I won the quiz...

First place

First prize was a free day's leave so I'm down with that!


Liked Writing Primer 14 - Nicholas Bate...

  • Write every day.
  • Write fast.
  • Write when you do want to.
  • Write when you don't want to.

And more...

# One more day in the office tomorrow then will be heading straight home. It'll be good to be back.

# This house isn't home, not any more. It stopped be home a while ago, even while we were still living here. It's the second time that's happened, that we've just known we need to be somewhere else.


That feeling when you've spent ages trying to get a keypress event working only to realise it doesn't work for non-printable characters and has been deprecated anyway. Switch to keydown and it works first time.


Liked ten recent thoughts –

I couldn't help but think of "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering" when reading number 6 as Rebecca originally wrote "Circumstances trigger thoughts. Thoughts lead to emotions. Emotions influence our actions."


In the interests of keeping everything 'front end' I've added a new toggle to my 'new post' form:

Upload Image

Clicking/tapping this reveals a new form (held in an iframe) that lets me upload a file to the WordPress media library and returns the full path so I can copy/paste straight into a post - as I've done with the screenshot above.

The original version performed the upload okay but that was it, I then had to find out how to add the proper metadata so that the image actually appeared in the library.


Because the display-time changes are in functions.php it means they can be used anywhere and not just on the garden pages, like this: digital garden

Obviously, as this is a display-time change, it only takes effect on the site itself and won't carry through to the RSS/JSON feeds so I probably won't use it often.


During quiet spells at work (well, at home but you know what I mean) I've been firmly in "because I can" territory with the digital garden functionality.

Having already implemented a display-time function to display page links in wiki-style '[[]]' notation I wanted to do something similar for external links. Being normal pages I could just enter them using Markdown but I wanted it to be visually apparent and in keeping with the internal formatting so opted for '{{}}' delimiters.

I didn't stop there, oh no; and this is where things get completely unnecessary and nerdy. I decided to create an onkeypress event for the textarea that inserts the delimiters at the cursor position or surrounds highlighted text.


Because I can.