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We've binge-watched the two series of Pose on Netflix - about the predominantly black LGTB ballroom community in the 80s & 90s, the fashion, the music, the dance (most notably Vogue), HIV & Aids, discrimination

Gritty & authentic, an ever increasing numbers of deaths and funerals, but still retains an overwhelming sense of positivity, that things will work out - and there are some happy endings for a few of the cast to show dreams can come true even in the face of adversity

Larger than life, flamboyant characters who just seem, well, normal, as though the rest of us are the unusual ones

Emotional rollercoaster - the old cliché you'll laugh and you'll cry but it's never been so apt

Hard-hitting to get its message across yet with a humanity rarely seen. Some on IMDb giving it 1 or 2 out of 10 because they say it is poorly written but I suspect those reviews were from people who felt uncomfortable watching it, weren't willing to invest of themselves and do the emotional labour.

It is designed to make you uncomfortable, to make you think and question and challenge - yourself as much as anything.

Word count: 196