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Phone use

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# Jay recently wrote about spending/wasting too much time on his phone and "shaming yourself" into better behaviour. It's an ongoing debate but one that doesn't take all factors into account.

I used to go to great lengths to reduce my phone usage (greyscale, a minimal launcher, hiding icons, etc.) but the reality is that a lot of my good ideas happen there.

The fact is that I'm more of an edge case: I don't play mobile games and, obviously, don't have any social apps installed. I do relatively little web browsing and spend most of my time reading RSS feeds, some ebooks, blogging or coding - with the right app a phone can be a very capable environment.

The debate focuses on the unhealthy use of phones but, by removing the distractions and bad actors, they can become creative outlets. Without my phone I'd be using my MacBook more but the phone is more immediate and accessible.

I gave up worrying about all this a while back.

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