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Lessons learnt from a year of writing - use this post as a basis.

Unfinished business with the #write365 project. Always wanted to re-purpose the posts in some fashion, build on them.

Was meant to be just focused on the one year but that cannot really be taken in isolation. The year is a metaphor, or a representation of life as a whole.

# A journey of self discovery (or, perhaps, realisation) and admitting to my mental health issues.

It becomes so much more than about writing.

  • our own inspiration
  • balance
  • writing is like any other habit
  • writing changes people
  • we should all write
  • identity is fluid/transient
  • writing has a way of getting to the truth with or without your abettance
  • writing is both a trigger and therapy

"Above all, write for the love of it." - Steve Kunzer

# Words, everything comes back to words.

# morning pages & daily gratitude logs

# what does blogging provide or allow you to do that other forms of communication don't?

# what is the attraction of exposing your soul, your hopes and fears to complete strangers on the internet?

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