It’s pretty straightforward:

– Google, like the other players, want control of my environment for their own benefit (specifically, to monetize my behavior).

– I want control of my environment for the benefit of me.

This is becoming a major battleground, not least because of how Google et al are going about it. They’ve successfully lured people into their proprietary walled-gardens by offering interesting and useful functionality. But by doing so, they’re taking us back to the closed days of Compuserve, AOL, etc.

I personally have no interest in that backwards step into walled gardens that benefit the provider at the expense of the consumer. Perhaps others will wake up and think likewise.

>>> Any RSS feeds we own could be published on our profile and, <<<

Not to be rude, but why the heck is it assumed I want to automatically expose to the world-at-large exactly what I'm reading?
If someone want to pay me to share such information, then perhaps I might be interested at a price, but I have zero interest in my thoughts and interests being harvested by others for their sole financial benefit.