Last update: 13:35, 17/02/21

Home brew blog

# Home brew blog with no WordPress.

V 1.0 complete

# When to update version number? Is it genuinely a v1.0 offering yet? Has it surpassed that?

# Next up

  • remove comment icon & only show it when comments? Use # as toggle? - opted for filled icon when has comments
  • true inline drafts feature - add column to database and radio button to form - done
    • if logged in list all, otherwise list where draft not true - done
  • sort posting
    • toggle edit form done
    • combine existing sections and present as a unit
    • split and write new/edited sections to the database these two are not happening - keeping individual posts
  • create custom RSS feed - done
  • replicate existing functionality - done, and more
  • tweak home display to better replicate WordPress blog - done
  • create header & footer pages to act as includes - not needed
  • separate out CSS & Javascript - mostly done, some inline CSS to move
  • ? Paginated or Archive page ?
    • Paginated would act like the journal
    • Archive would be all posts, simple query but would need to work out a pagination system - opted for paginated
  • dark theme? - I think it's done
  • autosave content of post form periodically if not yet posted in case of crash/accidental closure
  • bio-directional links? Add extra fields to comments database for webmention target & source? If fragmentation underline words and link back. - done
  • animate open/close comment sections and main post form - done
  • make the Daily Feed 5 days rather than 1 (each day is an item)
Word count: 253