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What is a digital garden?


One must cultivate one's own garden — Austin Kleon

Notes on the use of a digital garden.

Different modes of thought:

  • the garden is something you tend, cultivate, it's an ongoing investment, more evergreen, timeless
  • a blog is an ongoing investment, yes, but in a different sense - each post is of the hear and now, removed from the home page by time

The two are separate but connected: feeding and fertilizing one another, at least that's how it should be. Not everything is ready to be a blog post, not everything should be a blog post and trying to make everything "fit" just because there's nowhere else to put it is wrong.

Value exists beyond simply hitting Publish:

  • learning
  • research
  • aide memoire
  • note to self
  • exploration
  • inspiration

It's not the individual pieces that make it what it is but the connections and threads.


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