Last update: 21:17, 16/12/20

Planned features

Parent: Digital garden

  • archiving - option to hide from home page & child lists - done
  • show indiction that page is archived - done
  • if logged in option to show list of archived pages - done
  • multi-layer child pages - done (parent/child/grandchild)
  • cannot create child page for a grandchild - done
  • if page is empty auto-load in edit view (permissions permitting) - done
  • toggle for delete buttons (including accesskey - d) - unsure how/where to implement for touch - not needed because of below
  • maybe prompt if sure instead - done
  • add last update time/date to pages? - done
  • option to create new page as child of current page and auto-populate 'Parent: parent_name' in content - done
  • add 'last updated' to index page - done
Word count: 131
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