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I need to come up with a better bedtime routine. I've not been sleeping that well and the sleep I do get is fitful, often interrupted and not restful. My wife says that I am often mumbling and kicking my legs so who knows what I'm dreaming about — I can almost never recall.

I started taking some herbal sleeping tablets, the kind you take an hour before you go to bed and they're supposed to help you drop off, but, no matter how tired I become, as soon my head hits the pillow my mind is awash with all manner of thoughts, my body is restless and I can't settle.

I try to read each night — a physical book, not from on screen — but, while my eyes may get tired, it's not helping at the moment. I've tried going to bed a bit later so that I am more tired but this just exacerbates the situation by further reducing the hours available for sleep.

Maybe I need to reintroduce meditation before bed, try to quiet the mind that way, and extend my routine so the period of relaxation is longer.

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@colinwalker If you aren’t already, try taking vitamin D and Magnesium Bisglycinate. The two in combination with each other promote sleep function, along with a host of other important things. I take my vitamin D in liquid drop form with dinner as it absorbs better that way, and the magnesium later in the evening nearing bedtime. Since they work in tandem it helps to take them relatively close together late in the day. I myself found a big difference in my sleep quality since taking these supplements, in addition to putting myself on a better schedule.

Colin Walker replied:

I've been on vitamin D and magnesium for a while, taking them after my evening meal. I'll see if a better routine helps.

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