# Last night's progress:

  • max level ✔️
  • main story completion ✔️
  • covenant chosen ✔️

Now comes the hard work.

# If you've been paying attention recently you'll have noticed that things have been changing. Take this recent screenshot:

It looks like four posts when it is, in fact, only one divided into sections with each one linkable. So, why do this?

I wrote in the latest muse-letter that I was 'considering taking the "blank slate" metaphor for each day even further', something that has been developing over time - the logical conclusion is for each day to become a single post along similar lines to Dave Winer's scripting.com - Winer uses his own purpose built software creating each day in an outliner.

I have now created a version of my Daily page template that takes the inline editing to the next level; the previous content filters originally designed for the digital garden are fully available and have been extended to add more functionality. If I choose to go this route I will, unlike before, be literally editing a blank page.

A couple of challenges presented themselves:

  • how to create sections and make them linkable
  • how to retain the ability to post webmention 'likes'

Both have been solved by adding additional content filters. To send a 'Like' I just need to enclose a link in double bracket delimiters '(())' - the filter simply replaces them with the relevant code.

Creating linkable sections needed a slightly different approach and I was initially unsure as to what markup to use but settled on adding two @ symbols. Why? Because two @s together are not used anywhere else in common parlance, at least as far as I can see. Markdown has a monopoly on a number of characters (#*->) and I've already used [, {, ( and ~ (I have two tildes as delimiters for strikethrough) so needed another option.

The filter counts the instances of double @s and then replaces each one with sequential links so that each section can be referenced separately.

I've already set the daily RSS feed as the default so that isn't an issue, the only thing it means is that there will not be the ability for comments on individual sections unless I can find a way round that.

Now I just need to think about when to make the switch.

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