# With all the changes happening on the blog and elsewhere over the past 6 months or so I've been seriously reconsidering its purpose, what I want to achieve with it and what I actually need it do physically.

Take the /now page for example. I always forget to update it (it's been 2 months since the last time) and even when I do it never changes very much. It isn't really a reflection of 'now', just a couple of sentences as and when I remember. I feel that having an out of date or inadequate /now page is probably worse than not having one at all. So I'm considering dropping it.

With the blog showing one day at a time that is a more accurate reflection of now and if there are no posts on any given day then there wasn't anything that I would have deemed worthy of going on the /now page.

The /required page is perfectly fine at what it sets out to do but I feel like it's stuck in 2017. Things have changed, I've moved on and my reasons for doing things have altered. And with that in mind I also need to rethink my /about page or, at least, add some more timely updates to better reflect my current position/state of mind.

When I launched the muse-letter there was only one goal in mind: to start conversations. It's still early days, and I am currently in the process of re-imagining how the letters will work, but there have already been a number of email trails for which I am incredibly grateful. I like the relative intimacy of them even though they are all available publicly. Everything I send out in a letter could equally be posted to the blog but I enjoy the separation and focus they provide. They usually go deeper than the more day-to-day ephemera so provide a nice contrast.

I want to get back to posting more frequently but still won't hold myself to a daily schedule, just as I don't want to place a fixed routine on the letters. These things need to be organic for me, not forced, and I have no rules over what goes where, whether something should be a post or a letter.

That's enough housekeeping/waffling for now, I need to finish this week's letter.

# I keep forgetting that this will be a long weekend, Monday being the August bank holiday here in the UK. Each time I remember it's like a little gift, a pleasant surprise, that makes me feel so much better.

# So, Blizzard announced yesterday that the next World of Warcraft expansion, Shadowlands, will go live on 27th October but being a simultaneous, global release the UK will get it at 11pm on Monday 26th. I know what I'll be doing...

"The more important an activity is to the evolution of our soul, the more Resistance we will feel to it." - Steven Pressfield

Fits right in with:

"If you keep thinking about doing something big, and you find that the idea both terrifies and intrigues you, it's probably a worthy endeavor for you." - Derek Sivers
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