# I noticed some screwy behaviour with the daily emails and feed generation (also for On This Day) and wondered if it was the host having issues running cron jobs. Then it dawned on me: having changed the default view the code to generate all of this wasn't being triggered unless the Today page (rather than the ephemeral Daily page) actually received a visit. I've copied that all over so, fingers crossed, as of tonight normality should be restored.

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# I got my code for HEY yesterday and have been having a play with the Android app. I have to say that it is very slick and we'll designed.

Will I be switching to HEY myself? Most likely not, I just couldn't justify the cost and would need them to implement custom domains first, but it's still good to have a look at what they're doing.

Saying that, my host seems to be having issues with their mail servers today so you never know ;)

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# I could have just made a big mistake... I'm installing Big Sur! #LifeOnTheEdge

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