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# I'm currently waiting in the hospital pharmacy for a new prescription for my ongoing eye issue. A scan today reveals that the scleritis (the inflammation at the front of the eye) has gone but I still have macular edema, swelling under the retina, which is why I still have blurred/distorted vision in my right eye.

Yes, that's my retina.

So I'm getting so stronger steroid drops to use over the next four weeks (and other drops for 6 weeks) to see if that settles things down.

Because drops don't penetrate to the rear of the eye very efficiently treatment often takes the form of a steroid injection to the rear of the eye but, due to the current situation with coronavirus, they are not performing a lot of minor procedures. Hopefully the drops do the trick or they may have to re-evaluate.

They have warned, however, that because the retina has been stretched the vision in that eye may never return to how it was, possibly needing a stronger prescription.

# I have to say, the hospital staff today we're brilliant and careful and apologetic even though they didn't need to be.

From the security guard at the front door managing access the building, to the nurses and the doctor, to the pharmacy staff, everyone was going about their business in the most professional manner they possibly could in these insane conditions.

It was wonderful to see.

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