# I lay awake last night fretting over not having started the next muse-letter or not even having an idea in mind for it. Before launch I described it as a semi-regular thing that would not be sent "according to any strict timetable" yet I put undue pressure on myself to meet one.

The first three letters have been sent out bi-weekly but that was never the original intention.

While it's common practice to be regular with these things I don't see semi-regular as an issue, rhere's no point mailing just for the sake of it and filling people's inboxes with rubbish.

Nothing to say, nothing to show.

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# Om Malik is excited about Hey, the upcoming email offering from the folks behind Basecamp. I put my name down when I first heard about it back in February.

Having also signed up for OnMail it'll be interesting to see what the two services offer, how they differ and how they both plan to fix email.

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# To honour the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and to recognise the current trials we are all experiencing with coronavirus, the "Encountering Silence" podcast has teamed up with Transcendental Media to announce two time-limited opportunities:

I've bought the book and look forward to watching the film as well as listening to the related episode of the podcast.

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