# I spent some time this morning trying to turn the daily feed into an email. It's all working okay but I haven't found a way to embed a YouTube video in the mail like it is in the feed. I can convert it to a link but it just doesn't have the same effect.

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# I love being able to do everything on the phone, including editing the theme. I use the app I<code> - Go as it provides a decently featured IDE and FTP client all in one.

# I was listening to an interview on the radio with Mat Osman from the band Suede and he was asked what song he was most proud of. His answer? The Wild Ones - not just because it was well known but because it means something to so many people, they have memories connected to it.

He said that with music or books (he's also a published author) what you're trying to do "is weave yourself into people's lives" and I wondered if there's an element of that with blogging. Perhaps not intentionally as with a band or an author (although some may be seeking to do that) but subliminally, almost accidentally.

We may not be "fans" per se but there will always be bloggers whose words resonate, affect us just as much as a song. It's why we keep visiting their blogs, why we subscribe to their feeds, and maybe engage on social networks.

Some may find this silly, may not consider that anything said via this medium is "worthy" but why would that be? Words are words no matter where they are published, they can still carry weight, meaning, emotion regardless of how they are delivered. It doesn't matter if they are not set to music or not available in books shops.

It may even be the case that words on a blog are more poignant, more affecting - they are a direct translation from thought to page (or screen) with no middle-men, editors or publishers. What could be more genuine or more worthy than that?

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# It's funny how things trigger the thought process, how we make connections and extrapolations to and from the most random of inspirations.

The previous post wasn't anything I had been thinking about, it just clicked. I had originally intended to post something else, something written last night, which was itself triggered by a simple comment then took on a life of its own.

I think that's why I love blogging so much, there are no restrictions, no formulae that must be adhered to; we are free to do what we want with the medium and not have to explain ourselves (although doing so can be part of then fun!)

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