# The daily feed looks to be working okay. I made a mistake after yesterday's mishap and put the wrong bit of code within the custom loop but have corrected that and all posts for the day are now all served in one feed item.

# Here's how it looks in Feedly on my phone:

# I'm signed off work for another week with my eye. The photophobia is improving slowly but it's still painful. I'm continuing with the antibiotics and, hopefully, it will soon settle.

We found some clip-on sunglasses on Amazon that, purely by chance, are the exact same size and shape as my normal glasses so I'm using these to help in bright light - even indoors. I'll take everything I can to help at this point.

# On the subject of feeds, I have removed the Blubrry PowerPress plugin so the site will no longer advertise a feed for the old microcast.

I'm not ruling out using audio again in the future but I think it will be a lot more ad hoc and nothing episodic that requires a separate focus.

I went back and edited out all the PowerPress specific tags from the microcast posts so that they continue to display correctly but found that episode 22 appeared to be missing, at least the post for it. The audio file is in the media library yet the accompanying post that should have been on 27th May 2017 is not there.


Maybe I'll link to it in a future post.

# Aha! The mystery is solved.

As I say in the episode I recorded it a day early as I was off to Comic-Con on the Sunday when I would have normally done the cast. I obviously just forgot to do the post.

So, for the sake of completion, here it is:  

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# Having not done the microcast for so long it feels weird listening to myself again, like the early episodes when I was just getting used to it. Makes me wonder where I could go with it.

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