# Note to self: don't upload the wrong version of the Today template while working on something, it breaks things.

# I was thinking about the layout of the Today page again, with the posts in chronological order down the page, and how Dave Winer created an RSS feed from his nightly email which shows all the posts combined in one item and in the correct sequence.

I thought "I want one of those" so set about adding new code to the Today template to generate a "Daily feed" just as I do with "On this day" - hence breaking things by uploading a wrong version.

A cron job runs at 5 minutes past midnight every day to silently load the Today page thus triggering the code to build the RSS feeds and saves the files to the root of the site.

I think I'm there but want to check if it works correctly before linking to it - I think I'll update the /Subscribe page with both these above feeds (not that I anticipate anyone subscribing, it's really just a vanity project) once I'm happy that everything works as it should.

# I was having a moment while building the new feed and just couldn't get it to respect paragraphs. Then I remembered that I needed to use get_the_content_feed('rss2') to format it correctly for the feed rather than just get_the_content() - all good now.

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