# Liked: The Empty Page - Brian G Fay...

"The blank analog page, once marked, can't be made blank again. That's its killer feature."

I like that!

I always write in pen, not pencil. I know that if I used a pencil there would be the temptation to grab an eraser and edit on the fly. Yes, I cross things out when using the pen but the original words are still there suggesting alternate possibilities that I may wish to explore later even if I don't want to use them now.

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# I'm sat in the doctor's waiting room (I think I've got an eye infection) and Bob Dylan's "The times they are a'changin'" is on the radio.

I just can't hear that now and not think of Watchmen. Lyrics from some of his other songs were quoted a few times in the comic, his words and opinions aligning with its themes, so it seems only natural for "The times" to have featured during the opening credits.

A song for the ages.

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# So, I've definitely got some kind of eye infection and been given antibiotic drops. If it doesn't start responding by lunch time tomorrow I'm supposed to go to hospital in case it's something more serious.

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# On a different note, the radio moved on to Ravel's Bolero; an unusual juxtaposition.

I'm very much of the generation that will forever associate that piece with Torvill and Dean.

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