# Switching to writing everything by hand has not so much been a revelation (what I do and how I do it haven't really changed... yet) but it has certainly been invigorating.

It was definitely started by having the Field Notes book and a pen with me at all times bit there is now a desire to write, a longing to fill the pages and keep doing so every day.

I have filled the first notebook so ordered a pack of three Moleskines of the same size - they were a third of the price of a new pack of Field Notes - but it is not necessarily what I write in but that I actually do so. Combined with the daily log it is becoming addictive.

There is something unexpectedly liberating about putting pen to paper in this manner, something I've not felt in a long time. It was previously a struggle to choose such an option over typing on the phone but I realise that was because I had the wrong tools. I was simply trying to force the issue rather than let it happen naturally.

Until now, just about everything I have written has been, or is likely to be, posted to the blog. Whether this continues I don't know; perhaps the daily log will be the refuge for purely offline jottings.

It's still early days on this particular journey but it is a path that I am intent on pursuing.

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