# In the spirit of NaNoWriMo there have recently been challenges to blog (or micro blog) every day for a month; this has also followed through to December. It's great that these have been set in order to encourage people to blog more, to write more, to build a regular habit, but I'm personally past that.

I used to believe in showing up every day, my whole #write365 project was predicated on just that. As recently as a couple of years ago I posted for 200 days straight - until I didn't, and didn't mind. Now, I feel that's it's okay not to post - I think I'm at a stage where blogging is inherently part of who I am and will always be there but in a more organic fashion.

The blog highlights if there have been no posts on any given day and, more specifically, that I will not normally post at weekends. I decided to leave that there as much as a reminder to myself that it's okay not to post than to inform any reader.

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# By stepping back I think I've found a new direction for one of the drafts I was having problems with.

For the first time in a while I pulled out my notebook and pen and started to write rather than type - or tap. What flowed from the pen bridged a gap between that draft and a previous entry in the notebook, an intersection that suddenly made it all make sense.

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