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Switching it up

With my return to iOS pushed back a year I decided to change things up a bit.

I've been using Edge as my browser of choice since I made the move to Android and it's been a pretty faithful servant. Despite being based on Chromium, however, it has a few peculiarities. The latest to annoy me is that it doesn't automatically support dark mode via the "prefers-color-scheme" CSS media query.

Chrome has never been my preferred browser on Android so I have decided to give Brave a spin and see how I get on with it. The focus on privacy is obviously an attractive draw but I was just looking for something that suited me and supported what I want.

I have also recently changed the app used for writing. I was previously using Simplenote due to it being cross-platform but wasn't entirely happy with it. I suppose I'm too used to Drafts on the iPhone.

While looking for another note-taking app that supports Markdown I stumbled across Pure Writer and was sufficiently impressed to pay for it. With a Markdown keyboard extension it reminds me of Ulysses on the iPhone.

Interestingly, I'm partnering it with the WordPress app which has historically been quite poor in my experience; it seems to have gotten significantly better so I'm using that to do most of the actual posting.

# What's thrown me more than anything in the past eighteen months or so is the anxiety I've been experiencing. Depression, to a degree, is familiar - almost like the Simon and Garfunkel lyric "hello darkness my old friend" - even though it has been the worst I've experienced since my early 20's.

The anxiety, however, is new, different, unexpected. It mainly manifests when in busy, crowded environments with a feeling I can only liken to claustrophobia. When it strikes (which is not predictable) I feel I just need to get away from where I am, retreat to somewhere quieter.

It can be overwhelming and takes everything I have not to flee so, if possible, I'll put on my headphones and retire inward, sheltered by the music. It doesn't have to be loud or block out the sounds around me, just enough to focus on and create a bubble with.

I've always been an introvert, oft uneasy in unfamiliar company and surroundings, but never experienced this type of feeling before and I wonder why it should happen now. Is it linked to the severity of the depression or is there another trigger?

If so, what?

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