Back in 2008 a good friend of mine, Hutch Carpenter, said "how about another idea? Writing something different. Try a new set of topics"

Obviously, things have taken a different route recently; I've definitely been writing about something different.

I've not managed to follow through on posting small things yet as I've needed (and still need) to work through some areas related to my depression, primarily as a source of therapy, but really want to get back into more of a flow.

I make no secret of the fact that the design and style here have been influenced by Dave Winer, and I also make no apologies for it. He's approaching 25 years of blogging so must be doing something right!

I changed my style but the content not so much; it was still largely geeky and, for someone who swore off social media a while ago, still wrote about it way too much.

So, yes, change is good - change is needed - and I shouldn't get hung up on what the blog was or what people might expect it to be. I'm part of the way there but need to go further.

There will always be an element of geek - it's just part of who I am - but there needs to be more, for my own sanity as much as anything.

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