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# Liked: In Praise of Email | Dan Cohen...

"Despite, or perhaps because of, its early inception, email avoided many of the worst aspects of our modern media environment."

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# I started reading one of my birthday presents "The Story of Philosophy: A History of Western Thought" on the way to work this morning and was instantly struck by the following passage in the introduction:

"Maybe the best way to pass along a feel for this kind of thing is to do what people have always done when they've got a great deal of complicated information to convey, and that's tell a story. Stories are never the last word on the subject, they don't pretend to tell the whole truth, but there's often truth in them, truth you'd never see just by lining up all the facts."

I think we're going to get along just fine.

# Liked: Let’s repurpose simpleton – James Shelley...

"I think we should repurpose the word ‘simpleton’ into something that isn’t so pejorative. There’s something to be said for circumventing the needlessly complicated. And to consider oneself a simpleton reflects a healthy sense of skepticism about the comprehensiveness of one’s knowledge."

I think this is wonderful!

The definition of simpleton is: "a person lacking intelligence or common sense" but what could be more sensible than doing away with the needlessly complicated? What could be more intelligent than realising the extent of one's knowledge?

I long to be a simpleton.

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