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# Liked: Finding my space – Nitin Khanna...

"I’ve tried daily blogging, daily journaling, daily private blogging, scribbling notes on a throwaway page on the net, all in an effort to just put words on the screen, to just ‘be’. It doesn’t matter that those words are perfect. Or, well, it shouldn’t. I still fret over it."

Nitin's struggles with perfection echo mine. No matter how much I try to just 'be' there is always a nagging doubt, a little voice saying "that's not good enough." I try to ignore it but it doesn't always work. I have to remind myself from time to time and it was one such reminder that prompted his post.

We are told "you can only do your best" but we don't always have to, we sometimes just have to do. We can come back to it, improve, iterate if needed.

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# That moment you find a bit of test code in a dummy theme file and can't remember what the heck it was for.

# I spent most of this evening going back and forth with support from the web host to figure out why my loadHTMLFile() calls weren't working.

Even though allow_url_fopen was enabled in the PHP settings the error logs showed the calls failing due to allow_url_fopen=0 despite making numerous configuration changes.

In the end I had to use cURL and convert the result to DOMDocument so I should be okay now. My testing looks good but I won't be completely certain until someone sends a webmention from their own domain.

In the meantime I added the missing items to the database so that the /directory OPML is up to date.

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