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# May the 4th be with you

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# Nicholas Bate writes that "A wake up alarm is crazy. Why plan to wake before your mind/body has had time for refresh, repair and restore?"

I read this just after commenting that "getting ready for work just gets in the way."

Bate goes on to say: "Now setting a time-for-bed alarm, that's a great idea."

Apple introduced the "Bedtime" feature in the iOS clock app with the idea of reminding you when to go to bed based on when you need to rise, thus ensuring you get a regular, decent night's sleep.

A great idea indeed but, unfortunately, work gets in the way. Being on shifts and not getting home until almost 9pm (sometimes later) when "on a late" makes it impossible to have a regular sleep regimen.

Throw in having to get up around 4am for an early shift (when getting my 8 hours would mean ascending the wooden hillock to Bedfordshire at 8pm) and things really start to get untenable.

Maybe I just need different work.

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# Austin Kleon linked to a story about a Spanish man struggling to exist in the modern world after spending much of his childhood living with wolves.

What really strikes me about the story is the language used, how the cave he had inhabited is called "his natural home" and his discovery referred to as being ripped from that home, "captured" - so visceral and emotive.

# Remember:

"It's not about being perfect, just about being."

Reminder to self written in my notebook.

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