# I think I've finally got my "On this day" feed functioning after following Ben's advice.

It looks like there were some other issues which caused the feed to become invalid based on the way the post content was interpreted. These lead to the creation of "unrecognised elements" in the item descriptions, thus breaking the feed, but only happened on certain posts. These should now be resolved so, fingers crossed, it'll be working properly.

I'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out for sure.

# Liked: The Indieweb privacy challenge (Webmentions, silo backfeeds, and the GDPR) // Sebastian Greger...

"it is with a mix of curiousness and concern that I try to wrap my head around some of the challenges of creating social interactions in a decentralised manner, while respecting the privacy of people and keeping them in control over their own data"

Sebastian has written an excellent essay on the challenges faced by #indieweb sites in light of the upcoming deadline for GDPR compliance. On the face of it, it might seem that the GDPR prevents an indieweb environment from existing but there are layers and many considerations to take into account.

He casts doubt upon the blogs of "generation 1" indieweb developers being considered "purely personal" if they are web developers by profession and use their sites to discuss this or act as a showcase for their work.

Fortunately for me, this blog is a completely personal undertaking, generating no income and is completely unconnected from my work. However, that hasn't stopped me from at least considering a couple of updates - even if seemingly insignificant:

  1. I have updated my micro.blog profile to state that replies to my (original) posts there will show as comments on the blog thanks to webmentions.
  2. I have reiterated this point on my /colophon page with a promise to delete any comment on the request of the author.

Admittedly minor things but worthwhile inclusions.

I highly recommend reading Sebastian's full post as he has spent a lot of time thinking about this and its implications.

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