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# After a second weekend spent out and about with family I'm convinced that staying predominantly offline and not posting for those two days a week is going to be something worth sticking to.

That doesn't mean I won't post if something comes up that I feel sufficiently worthy, but most things can wait.

I think I'll update the blog to mention this when visiting a day without posts or the Today page when viewing it on the weekend.

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# Changes made.

If you visit a "day" archive for either a Saturday or Sunday, or the Today page and there are no posts it will advise I am now not usually posting at weekends:

(Ignore the first date, it's from a test page)

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# Ross made an interesting point that having "Sorry" on a day archive with no posts "makes it seem that readers are owed a post and that you are letting them down by not having one."

He's right! And, as Patrick mentions: "part of our collective problem is the expectations around how often we should share."

As not posting at weekends is part of a desire to step back a bit saying sorry does indeed seem wrong.

I've, therefore, changed it to be more like the Today page:

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