# I’ve not been a member of a library since I was a kid so this feels a little weird, but I’m determined to not let it be like a gym membership that is full of good intentions but never gets used.

# I struggled with this morning's meditation; the different layers of thought kept bubbling up and conflicting.

It's strange how you can think multiple things at once.

You have your intentional, guided thoughts, the ones at the forefront of your mind like talking to yourself in your head. But then there is the automatic layer of thought - the unintentional - where the mind seemingly does what it wants.

It is obviously this second layer that we are trying to quiet with meditation, hoping to override it, drown it out with the intentional.

It never really goes away, we just hope to ignore it until it settles and doesn't impose itself.

We usually don't notice that second layer when we are busy, we are too focused on doing whatever it is we have to do. The intentional layer occupies our thoughts as we go about our day.

When we are quiet and still, however, that deeper voice rises, an undercurrent with its swirls and eddies invading your senses like a babbling brook on a peaceful summer's day.

Is this the voice of the subconscious?


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