# I've never really bothered with screen protectors, they used to be so fiddly to apply and I always ended up with dust under them no matter how careful I was.

More recently, the move has been to the more rigid tempered glass affairs that are probably much easier to fit.

I'm considering getting one of the "full coverage" protectors for the iPhone X that includes the notch area. The descriptions all say they don't impact viewing or touch but I'm always dubious, and they seem to be overly heavy for what they are.

Still, they're only a couple of pounds so I might take a risk. I just hope I can actually manage it without dust for a change.

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# That was quicker than expected! The Feedly update is now live - huzzah - and the new "true black" theme is nice; using it in the dark makes it look like the text is floating in mid air.

# My kind of Christmas decoration.

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