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I know I said I was making some changes but this wasn't what I had in mind.

Failing at blogging?

Manuel wrote a post outlining why he's failed at blogging in the past (his words) and it really resonates.

A big part of it is the pressure he has put himself under including the desire to write in a more journalistic style, as I previously mentioned, and there is always the issue of just trying to be perfect.

But he also mentions a couple of other reasons:

  • he's always been a tinkerer, and
  • there's always another pet project

Depending on the type of blog you are writing these two need not actually be barriers to blogging.

It's true, we can spend incredible amounts of time coding and styling and tweaking, and this can often happen in lieu of writing. Perhaps we can justify to ourselves that we need our site to be perfect before pushing our thoughts to it but, if you're anything like me, you're never completely happy.

Other pet projects can also get in the way and, after all, we only have so much time in the day and, the more we do, something has to slip.

But, both of these can actually be good sources for blogging as you can write up your thoughts and progress as you go which, by their very nature, are definitely not in perfect territory.

But that's not for everyone.

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