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# Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

Having kids was the best thing I ever did and I'm so proud of how they've grown up, probably in spite of me rather than because of me.

Sonant Thoughts - Episode 28: Pressing The Case

The widespread adoption of #indieweb technologies will only happen if it is made simple, maybe even simpler than the alternatives.

This will likely only happen by stealth, by introducing it as core functionality rather than something that needs to be manually configured.



Indieweb adoption - how does a new way spread?

"Unless things are ridiculously simple to implement most will not entertain them..."

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Sonant Thoughts

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# Liked: IndieWebifying my website: part 1, the why & how – AltPlatform...

Richard MacManus has been there and done it for years. As part of the team writing the AltPlatform website and covering the open web it's good to see him personally diving headlong into the indieweb.

"I want to re-discover blogging in 2017 – what it can do in this era, who’s doing interesting things and how, and what opportunities there might be for the Open Web to cross into the mainstream."


# In reply to: Oat note, posted June 18, 2017...

My current method of getting remote page titles is a bit of a hacky workaround. After seeing how easy it is to access XML elements from RSS feeds, getting the title as a DOM element looks like it could definitely be the way to go.

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# I really need to proofread things a little better. I'm not entirely sure what a hanky workaround is but I don't think it'll help with the blog ?

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