# I stopped using Twitter because the conversation became unbearable. Certain themes pervaded the service, weaving their way through just about every conversation.

It wasn't a case of "following the wrong people" because, suddenly, just about everyone became the wrong people.

Along with the ownership aspect, Micro.blog gave the opportunity for a new start, a clean break, but I now find myself unfollowing people there as the same conversations start to dominate certain parts of the feed.

Yes, they are important. Yes, they need to be discussed. But everywhere? All the time?

# I seem to look for difficult solutions and get so fixated on that path that I can't see alternatives - I have to do it this way!

When looking to even up the placement of my post permalinks I ended up using jQuery to dynamically apply a class to an element.

Matthew Roach suggested looking at it a different way by changing the CSS and applying a condition to the first paragraph in a post.

But it just dawned on me, in a rare moment of clarity, that I could just directly target the last paragraph in a post via CSS - no jQuery required:

.entry-content > p:last-of-type

You live and learn.

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# Turned the code that re-adds the webmention comment type into a plugin - I'm looking to separate out as much from functions.php as I can. It relies on the indieweb Semantic Linkbacks plugin so need to add a check for this.

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