Writing in clusters

I have written before about having small ideas rather than big ones - unable to take them beyond a certain point - but it goes deeper than just being impatient to get my thoughts out.

I seem to share my comments in clusters.

I tend not to put out a single post on something but a number; a series of connected, progressive thoughts with the ideas (often contradictory) morphing as they go.

The process is visible.

Sometimes that can be seen within a single post, its trajectory changing as I work through a topic. Very much a case of thinking out loud or, rather, on the page.

Then, after reaching what amounts to a conclusion, the subject is put to one side, exhausted, leaving the appearance of a brief obsession.

It's just the way I work.

# I haven't cross-posted a few of my recent items to Medium and haven't really felt compelled to do so despite it being almost a religious act. Curious that I should be so disinclined to use it so quickly.

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