# I'm an email app addict. I go through them like crazy. I've tried Inbox, Spark, Airmail, Polymail and more. I'm currently testing Email by EasilyDo. So far so good but I get annoyed by iPhone apps that use the Android FAB (Fast Action Button) - it just doesn't sit right on iOS.

# Decided to buy Workflow and created a basic flow to post to the Microblog, automatically selecting the Microblog category and Status post type before opening the back end so I can turn off Medium cross-posting.

# This should only be a temporary solution until the micro.blog app becomes available but is still handy to have around.

# Using Ulysses for microblogging is a bit overkill and I certainly don't need to retain the posts. Drafts is a better fit: shorter text, better automation and the ability to clear posts after publishing.

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