# With the Micro.blog timeline in place I'm now just anxious and excited to get going. I'm happy with how this site is set up and pleased with the things I've learnt to enable it, although I still need to dig deeper and become less of a hobbyist.

Blogs are thriving

If there's one thing that backing the Micro.blog Kickstarter has taught me it's that blogging is really holding its own.

The enthusiasm for self-hosted, independent blogging (beyond microblogging) is amazing and the range of available platforms, from CMS style set-ups to static site generators all of which I was unaware, is diverse.

Jekyll, Blot, Pelican, Kraken, Kirby, the list goes on. There are now so many ways to get your content online with just as many levels of complexity, most of which make my current setup seem ridiculously simple.

Still, it doesn't matter how you post just that you do!

What does matter is finding the best tools that fit the goals, knowledge and experience of the individual.

Some need as frictionless a solution as possible to encourage them to post more frequently while others enjoy a more complicated setup the complexities and challenges of which contribute to their blogging experience.

Although the passion for blogging is evident social networks have still taken most of the attention but self-hosting microblogs could have a dual function.

While the aim is to create a distributed social network, as self-hosting allows for both short and long form posts, those who start with just the former may be encouraged to mix it up and further reinvigorate the blogosphere.

Now there's a word that takes you back!

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# Independently hosted microblogs could reinvigorate full blogging seeing as the platforms used can support both. The passion is there but needs encouragement.

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