Obsession and accidental writing goals

Although I have resolved to read more on philosophy this year, which is prompting some posts in examination, I deliberately never pledged to any specific writing goals for 2017.

There are tags and publications on Medium - such as "100 Naked Words" and the "52 Week Writing Challenge" - encouraging people to publish more regularly but I didn't want to commit to anything like this after Write365.

It looks, however, as though I have fallen in without even trying.

I am like a dog with a new toy or, rather, I am the new toy with a dog that grabs me and won't let go until it has exhausted itself or is distracted by something else.

Ideas grip me.

We talk about habit and routine but, often, things are more like an obsession: I become deeply immersed, focused to the point of exclusion until the obsession has run its course.

I will still not commit to these accidental writing goals, even though I am currently surpassing them.

There is no telling how long this current obsession will last.

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