The rebrand - one month on.

Aprol 08Now that is has been a month since I moved to this domain I thought it would be a good time to see how the rebrand has gone and what the move has taught me. But first, a few metrics.

As the new blog started on April 2nd I have included the first of May in the figures below.

Posts: 34 Adjusted: 32

The posts included two weekly summaries which don't really count and I have stopped doing these as I feel they have added no value (let me know if you disagree).

Unique visitors

According to Google Analytics: 2127 According to MyBlogLog: 2184

These may be low numbers but it's not all about that if you're not a pro-blogger; it's about making connections and taking part in the conversation. It's about sharing your opinions with like minded people in an area that interests you.

The first month at colinwalker.me.uk saw 42 comments or trackbacks excluding my own replies which is great. When you compare this to the last version of Randomelements (where there were between 180 and 200 in nearly 2 years) it illustrates that those interested in social media are more conversational and willing to interact in all places across the board. The type of person involved in social media, the early adopter, is by necessity more extrovert - it goes with the territory.

What it's achieved

The refocus has caused me to do something that I hadn't really done for a while: think! Whether I'm on the right track or barking up the wrong tree is perhaps less important than the thought process; that is the interesting bit, getting the brain working and trying to add some value to the discussion.

As such, the blog is an evolving conversation rather than isolated posts on a multitude of topics; each is a progression from earlier posts expanding on ideas already presented. Making connections with some very intelligent people has re-awakened the spark and that can only be a good thing.

What it's shown me

Anyone advising how to blog successfully will tell you the importance of regular posts - it's become a cliché - but my experiences over the first month of this blog has reinforced this advice. On days when I haven't posted reader numbers drop radically; maybe there is not yet enough content to maintain a steady flow of traffic.

Also, when I have been posting and those posts have been reviewed on StumbleUpon there has been a huge difference in traffic when posts are tagged as social media against those tagged blogging. Yes, social media is very much flavour of the month but maybe blogging is becoming passé.

The way forward

It's obvious to me that there are issues with the way the web is developing. How can this type of growth in web 2.0 applications and services be sustained? How can the reach be extended or even, should the reach be extended? Just as, at present, the web is not for everyone the new developments will not be for everyone.

Many of those who use the web on a regular basis do not see a need for social media or how a need will develop, maybe social media will artificially create a need. As it spreads people may perceive a need where there was none and growth may be viral with everyone not wanting to feel left behind.

Whatever happens, I will be here asking questions ang I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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