# Even with the wealth of tools we have available for writing in Markdown and code and everything else, it's still nice to have something quick and simple to throw stuff into. This is why Notepad on Windows is still so heavily used.

  1. jonkit says: #
    I use a Windows computer at my job and write in Notepad all day (then copy/paste into our team’s database software when I’m done).
  2. BestofTimes says: #
    I agree. Notepad with a spell checker and good (regex) search & replace would be a fantastic little editor
  3. cm says: #
    If you're a chrome user, check out this extension. Same idea... quickly open a text editor (this extension makes every new tab a text editor) tinyapps.com.au > WriteTab. His Saved.io is also aces, imho.
  4. johnjohnston says: #
    I've a bookmarklet that open a new tab I can type in. No save just for temporary stuff. Trying to cut down on the number of untitled texts file I have open;)
  5. retrophisch says: #
    My only issue with something like saved.io is, how does it make money? Storage and server bandwidth inevitably cost money. Pinboard has a working business model; so much so, Maciej bought Delicious. Longevity is something I try to consider with web services.