# After a day in the field I was leaning towards just using the native mail apps on both phone and Mac but the iOS mail app seems to suffer some performance issues displaying mails, especially in threads.

I have, therefore, reinstalled Email (Edison Mail) and set it up with all my accounts (including iCloud) and removed Polymail.

If I'm not using the same app on both devices then Polymail will likely also get the axe on the Mac when I get home.

Things are moving faster than I expected but it just goes to show how quick we can be to judge apps based on the tiniest of things.

  1. retrophisch says: #
    Does Edison Mail require an account with them? That is, it is a service that all of one's mail is routed through? Or is it all handled within the client?
  2. Colin Walker says: #
    Just handled within the client from what I recall (don't remember ever having to sign up an account with them like Polymail) although they access a certain amount of info. Their privacy policy is here.
  3. devilgate says: #
    Dispatch does it, but it has a couple of bugs that I've reported and no-one answers. I've just switched my email to FastMail, and their app does it, but I don't like it. But Spark, AirMail, etc... not so far.