# I'm covering the late shift today, it started at 10:30am. Without the commute there was no rush, no strict timescale to follow for getting up and out of the house but I still set my alarm at a similar time. This gave me a couple of hours to myself at home rather than the couple of hours it would take to commute; a couple of hours in which I finally returned to my morning pages.

There was nothing special, just some thoughts about easing back in to the routine and how I'm not yet used to working from home; that working from home still feels weird and awful and isolating. But then everyone is still getting used to the new normal.

I wrote about how the sparrows that congregate outside the bedroom window of a morning were on good form but that their chirping was displaced by an hour. They know nothing of daylight savings so continue their normal routine based on the rising of the sun rather than some arbitrary measure of time. Oh to being a sparrow in these troubled times.

At least I picked up the pen and wrote something.

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