# I'm currently waiting in the hospital pharmacy for a new prescription for my ongoing eye issue. A scan today reveals that the scleritis (the inflammation at the front of the eye) has gone but I still have macular edema, swelling under the retina, which is why I still have blurred/distorted vision in my right eye.

Yes, that's my retina.

So I'm getting so stronger steroid drops to use over the next four weeks (and other drops for 6 weeks) to see if that settles things down.

Because drops don't penetrate to the rear of the eye very efficiently treatment often takes the form of a steroid injection to the rear of the eye but, due to the current situation with coronavirus, they are not performing a lot of minor procedures. Hopefully the drops do the trick or they may have to re-evaluate.

They have warned, however, that because the retina has been stretched the vision in that eye may never return to how it was, possibly needing a stronger prescription.

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