# Not currently being an iPhone user (that was always my primary focus) I had completely forgotten it was WWDC so had to catch up after the event.

The "Big Sur" installation went cleanly and I'm liking the look and feel but the changes to the iOS home screen are what have really intrigued me. Yes, Android has had widgets since forever and the app drawers on some devices auto-classify apps but, you have to admit, when Apple decides to implement something they go about it with a certain aplomb.

iOS14's widgets look better, are more consistent and, no doubt once developers start building their own widgets, the design guidelines will keep that consistency regardless of where they come from.

I've never really been a user, or even a lover, of widgets on Android beyond the clock and, sometimes, weather and I think that's because of the inconsistency. Although widgets have been an integral part of the user experience they have always looked and felt like an afterthought, they are often quite ugly and I like to keep a tidy homescreen. Apple's approach to widget design makes them feel like part of the home screen in a way Android has never managed.

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