# Last night consisted of re-watching two films for the umpteenth time: Pitch Perfect and the original Robocop. You couldn't get much more diametrically opposed than that.

But they actually share a common theme: discovery of self.

In Robocop, Alex Murphy has to rediscover who he is after his "rebirth" and it's not just his identity. He has to piece together elements of his past in order to establish his new position in the present.

Pitch Perfect may be a classic "underdog comes good" story but, as a primary theme, it also deals with the main protagonist, Beca, coming to terms with the realisation that she pushes everyone away. Overcoming that allows her to find herself within a group of friends.

Both films are also about how you come through pain and adversity, how you handle second chances and what you do with them.

It's always surprising when such seemingly disparate things have more in common that you might, at first, realise, and I think that's a life lesson as much as anything.

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