# Wear OS gets a lot of flak for being behind other platforms, and often rightly so. It's good to see Google promising an update later this year but that seems to be more related to performance and aesthetics ratber than features. Better performance is always welcome but there are features missing that you might reasonably expect to be native on a smartwatch.

The news that Fossil were just as fed up so releasing their own software update to include better health tracking, native sleep tracking and other enhancements was, therefore, very welcome. Owners of Fossil group watches (including Skagen) flocked to the Wear OS subreddit and were frantically mashing the update option on their watches.

Me included.

The update is now installed on my Falster 3 and has some nice additions but the sleep tracking behaves in the same way as the "Sleep As Android" app in that it mistakes being still and relaxed for sleep so overstates your total. Maybe that's just a limitation of the hardware.

A more worrying issue being reported is that Google Pay has stopped working because it thinks your watch has been rooted/modified. I've not had the chance to test it but this is a big oversight from Fossil and needs to be resolved sooner rather than later.

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